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The Moors Declined Due to Economic Competition with the Holy Roman Empire (satire)

I once checked the genetic map for Spain. It turns out that the ancestry of Spanish men were likely to be Greek, Berber, and what used to be called Moorish, along with a few Normans, Carthaginians, and Visigoths.

On the female side, the mitochondria assaying shows a predominantly Western European gene-pool e.g. Christian Hispanics (of Norman and Visigoth ancestry) sealing trade deals with the Moors by marrying off their daughters to predominantly Berber and a few Arabic Muslims.

Indeed, Spain and a part of France, and Sicily was conquered by the Moors, who soon settled into fiefdoms, only to conquer their neighboring Moorish governor if he kept his borders unguarded.

Once the Moors began to encroach on the Christian northlands of the Iberian peninsula, Christian knights in France were beseeched by emissaries of the Pope to rid Hispania of the Moors.

However, during the Moorish domination of Hispania, increased trade led to alliances between Christians, Jews and Muslims. IMO the reason for the Inquisition was originally to ensure piety and forced Christian conversion, so that the Pope's coffers were full of the faithful's tithes (and property when they died without heirs).

So the Colonial Period of Europe was probably due to economic competition with the Muslims. And it is not preposterous to have the Muslims discover America first.

Once the Catholics had the Moors leaving Spain, they at first let the Moors alone, being told they would give up Islam for Christianity along with a few of the Jews. In the end, a mass exodus of Jews left Spain for Constantinople and Asia Minor.

Meanwhile the Moors were forced to accept Christian or be burned at the stake after being tortured by the Inquisitors from Rome, who were Jesuits.

So, it was not just the lust for gold in China that led to Colonial powers of Europe sailing west. It was also the fact that a lot of gold left with the vanquished Moors, and Spain became somewhat impoverished just as the Dark Ages were falling.

Without the Moorish presence, the King and Queen of Portugal had to send explorers to find more gold to rebuild Spain for Western European tastes.

A pity though. The Moors were a cash cow for Europe but the Pope's anti-Muslim bigotry led to the rise of the Plague, since the storehouses of grain probably had less cats keeping the rats at bay due to the wars that drove the Moors out.

Now today, the average European is ignorant of Muslim culture and its history in the Levant and Arabia. So are a great many Americans, whose hatred is unfounded and much Islamophobia is concentrated among neo-conservative religious folk some of whom can barely read science or do their income taxes. As for any sense of history, even their GOP leaders are simpletons about Arab history in the Middle East.

In my opinion, this is probably why 911 happened: to smarten the West up to the fact that it was not Muslims who bombed the World Trade Centres but Islamists and al Qaeda who have made a mockery of Islam by using Salafi and Wahhabi Islam rhetoric in perverted ways.

Meanwhile, these political ideologists are not truly religious but fanatical about Sharia without any compassion or mercy whatsoever. If the descendant of Moors were more organized, then they'd teach the fanatical terrorists about what real Sharia actually is. But alas! They are in an unofficial civil war in Liberia, or dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood west of Tripoli to Morocco.

Indeed, the Arab Spring has yet to bear any fruit of democracy, due to the perversion of Salafi and Wahhabi ideology into its political ideology consisting of being so pious everyone else is an unbeliever and only worthy of death.

Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are their bankrollers, and America and Canada their propagandists.

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