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The Suppression of Arab Spring (satire)

al-Arsuzi is one of the founding fathers of Arab Baathism, which dominates Syrian government.

Arab Baathism is a mainly secular ideology based on Arab Marxism, due to pan-Arabist ideology. It differs greatly from the pseudo-religious ideology of al Qaeda and the Islamists, who are inspired by Salafi and Wahhabi ideology that dominates Saudi Arabian politics and the Saudi regimes of Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia as well as Bahrain.

Most Muslims devoted to Salafi and Wahhabi are not fanatics like al Qaeda. Sharia does not promote the killing of a Muslim by another Muslim. A Muslim would call it haram, which means "forbidden" or "taboo".

I would even consider al-Qaeda and the Islamists as well as other related terrorist groups (Chechen, Somalian, and home-grown terrorists seduced by on-line charismatic Muslim jihad rhetoric) to actually be subconscious unbelievers who project their unbelief onto other Muslims outside their small in-group.

When they get the expected outrage from Muslims, these fanatics then play the al Qaeda version of King of the Hill, in which they claim to be the only true believers. Their twisted logic is thus based on a pathological denial of their unbelief combined with the promise that by ridding the world of unbelievers in a holy war of jihad, the al Qaeda jihadi will on his death be carried to Paradise by angels who are sacred virgins.

I consider it likely these angels are actually Valkyries carrying fallen souls to Purgatory to prepare them like gold ore for refinement.

In my opinion, Arab Spring was suppressed in the Arab nations I have mentioned in this article as well being currently suppressed in Syria today.

Though the current situation in Syria is not a civil war but a proxy war by the following list of characters on one side.

This is because money talks as Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia finance the al Qaeda fanatics with covert approval by Canada, the US, the UK, New Zealand and Australia, who are the Five Eyes of the West.

Some of these characters were in the International Security Assistance Force that invaded Afghanistan to replace the repressive regime of the Taleban with the closest thing to a democratic government. A similar coalition known as Multi-National - Iraq also invaded Iraq under the false flag of weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Lumping the nations that opted out of this Coalition together, I'll call the ones who may have trade ties with the three Arab nations and the Five Eyes nations, the Friends of the Coalition in Afghanistan and Iraq (FCAI) to make this article readable.

Opposing the Coalition are Russia and China.

Most of the European Union (EU) is neutral but willing to make trade pacts with the newly minted democratic governments of both Afghanistan and Iraq while keeping whatever trade ties they may have with both sides, along with the Coalition.

As well, the FCAI may be considered to be neutral but also willing to do trade with Russia and China.

Some of the EU may also be in the FCAI. Most of the nations in Africa are in the FCAI.

To simply their relationship, let's imagine three circles intersecting each other. On the left is Russia and China and on the right, the Coalition. Intersecting both of these circles is the FCAI.

Moving right along, my reason for presenting a short history lesson of Arab Baathism by introducing one of the founding fathers is because of the current crisis in Syria. My analysis of al Qaeda however is due to their presence in Syria.

By using psychobabble in describing their subconscious projection and conscious denial of it, I am attempting to present humor into the situation. As well, the description of a jihadi's afterlife is presented in terms that a Westerner can understand. I merely paraphrased the al Qaeda political ideology.

As for depicting the angels as being like the Valkyries taking a jihadi to Purgatory, I am parodying an unorthodox mashup of Norse mythology about the Valkyries who were said to take fallen Viking warriors to Valhalla, the Norse Paradise for warriors combined with the Christian ideal of a Purgatory for fallen souls and added a hint of my personally created mythology about Purgatory and subtly implied that fallen souls will redeemed after being purified like gold ore into pure gold, perhaps after being purified in a pit of brimstone and fire. ;)

My opinion about Arab Spring failing in Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia implies that it never appeared in those nations.


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