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Why Occupy Vancouver Isn't Able to Solve the Homelessness Problem (satire)

It is because of the petit bourgeois filter that the New Left views the world, despite claims otherwise, that Occupy Vancouver is unable to solve the homeless problem.

They did not buy thirteen hotels as homeless shelters, not unless they are on the Lookout Shelter Society committee.

Most of the Occupy Vancouver would routinely ignore the beggars in Gastown and avoid the Downtown Eastside.

It does not matter how left your rhetoric is, when your bourgeoisie roots blind you to the class struggle that led the homeless to their dire situation.

It must be nice to have socialists for parents who are merely servants for the elites that run Canada and Vancouver.

For the New Left does not represent the homeless. Indeed, most homeless see the Occupy Vancouver crowd as cold people who routinely ignore them.

It is great to rage against the State, but the dismantling of the State does not lead to your New Left utopia where you can smoke all the weed you want because rallies at the annual May Day parade.

Occupy Vancouver did not solve the homeless problem, for they have no solution. It was not them who paid $144,000 in the renovation consortium; it was taxpayers. Even though Occupy Vancouver members also pay taxes, Occupy Vancouver actually makes everyone else look good.

For the working poor only came to either share a toke and eat at the Food not Bombs tent. Not one homeless person was present two years ago.

That's because the New Left actually have nothing in common with them.

Indeed, if a New Left radical was also homeless, and got into a shelter, then he'd be kicked out for trying to politically radicalize the residents. For political rhetoric only annoys the homeless.

Fuck politics. Hug the homeless today!

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