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Hot Chocolate is more mellow than cannabis!

It's the other xanthines in it other than the caffeine, namely theobroma and theophylline, that contribute to hot chocolate drinks. The latter is a diuretic with minimal caffeine like effects while theobroma relaxes air passages, which makes it good for asthma. It also has a slight sedative property especially with loads of sugar.

Though the best to get is cacoa or dark chocolate. Bitter chocolate is out because it's so bitter it makes me sneeze, just as high alcohol drinks are so powerful they make me sneeze too.

As well, chocolate drinks are legal.

Perhaps this is why the Arabs banned coffee but still consumed chocolate. It also may explain Turkish confections using chocolate.

It even explains why alcoholic love chocolate, since it can be psychologically addictive. It is so addictive that on St Valentine's Day, chocolate is the gift of choice.

However, nobody is going to ban chocolate because the chocolate cartel claims that it is safe when consumed in moderation.

Originally posted on July 21, 2008 at 1:50 AM

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