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Insomnia (satire)

Since childhood I have been an insomniac. I can remember my first adventure with insomnia when I hid in the living room while my dad prepare to go to work. After he left, I sneaked back into my room to crash just the rest of my family was getting up. I was probably about 10 at the time.

I am sure that my insomnia was due to pseudo-ephedrine in a prescribe medication for hay fever. This was my first exposure to stimulants, since I never drank coffee or tea until I was a teenager. Though it may have been Salbutamol in an inhaler.

Though, green tea is great for meditation. However, I recommend just going to the health food store and buying theanine. It's a great sedative that is better than tranquilizers because it's non-habit-forming. Of course, I recommend against its use to treat childhood ADHD which probably could be cure by removing all processed foods from the diet and raising children on organic foods.

I admit to recently abusing 4 mg tablets of nicotine, which led to staying up two days and blowing $150 at the casino.

If nicotine can cause insomnia for me, then why would I even consider meth? It's bad enough that even Internet addiction could lead me to stay up two days.

So it's not stimulants that cause insomnia. It's the lack of impulse control that their use might influence. If even the Internet can be so fun I'd stay up two day in a roll, then drugs are for pussies.

You heard me right: drugs are for pussies who need a crutch. They might even cry about a bad life to excuse their bad choice of using drugs to overcome their past issues.

However, I am not going to preach about weak-willed pussies. Rather, I use the term "pussies" as the cat-like ability to sleep all day and roam all night while high.

Furthermore, it is a fallacy that drug addicts are weak-willed. Rather, drugs addicts have a strong will to abuse drugs for their own personal reasons.

As for insomnia, my herbal supplements are helping me here, especially the lysine and arginine.


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