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You Whipper Snappers Need to Listen Good (satire)

I like getting old. People avoid me, because I might say something like "Back in the day, when I was in high school, nobody was gay."

WTF happened over the past 38 years? Oh, right. Population density promotes homosexuality? I don't think so. That means there should be more gay people in India and China. Maybe all the gay people in the world just don't want to be outed because of how short their lives might be.

I mean, if it had to do with population density, then when was the last time Tokyo had a Pride Festival???

Think about it.  Most people who know they are gay don't out themselves among the heteronormative folk like you and I because the anti-gay rhetoric in some straight circles implies that the life expectancy of an outed gay will be less than expected.

Gay people are smart enough to figure that out, especially when mean heteronormative people not only out them but post it on Youtube, which might cut short a promising life.

IMO such people who cause a gay person to consider suicide should be arrested for a hate crime and be held responsible for the gay person who is kills himself due to their anti-gay behavior. Manslaughter is a justifiable charge.

I am not saying this because I am gay but because sometimes it is the insensitive heteronormatives who are most harmful to the LGBTi community, especially the transgender and intersex people.

Perhaps one day in the future, the world may become more enlightened and more compassionate than they are today, even if this meant less organized religion promoting the anti-homosexual propaganda based on ignorance, fear and awe.

One day, Frank the Pope will issue an edict that will tell the Catholics to tone down the anti-gay rhetoric. Hopefully the Protestants will follow suit, instead of continuing to oppress someone just because they are in a same-sex relationship.

IMO it is a form of satanism to be down on gays. There is a special place in hell for them, and there they will have to be of service to the gays they oppressed, who shall be awaiting them in hell.

That is, if I believed in a Christian hell.

But I feel that if I properly prepare myself for the afterlife, then I shall be reborn in a Pure Land that exists outside of the six desire realms and all the Buddhist heavens and hells. Such a wonderful destiny!

Don't mind me. I'm too spiritually minded in my old age.

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