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Daylight Savings Causes My Insomnia (satire)

Sunday had 23 hours.

Indeed, all work shifts from midnight onward that day had 8 hours, even though technically they LOST an hour.

However for an eight-hour shift from 0000 to 0800, the dollars / hr rate increased by 8/7 for that shift. Though this will still result in the usual hourly rate because everyone still gets paid for 8 hours.

Even so March 8, 2014 still only was 23 hours long, but nobody noticed. I did, because I always get insomnia on the hour change at this time and in the fall when daylight savings time changes to standard time.

When that happens that day will have 25 hours.

Not that anyone cares, considering that daylight savings is due to the fact that before March 9, noon occurred at 22 minutes after 12 PM. Now it occurs at 13:22 which will decrease to 13:08 on May 3 and increase again after May 25 to August 6 where it reaches 13:18 until November 2 when it changes from 12:55 to 11:55.

According to Wikipedia, the 'date and time of all clock changes is determined by the week number in March or November and always happens at 2:00 a.m. on a Sunday. Clocks "spring" forward on the second Sunday in March, and "fall" back on the first Sunday in November.'


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