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Fuck Instant Relief (satire)

I do not understand why a person would rush into the arms of opiates when faced with pain, be it psychic or somatic. Something has gone horribly wrong with the ability to cope when at the first signs of an ache medicine is demanded.

While I understand the need for relief from extreme, nagging pain, it is a mystery to me to see people get high just because they can't stand the pain of loneliness.

If I turned to a drug for the temporary aches and pains, then I wouldn't be here to write about it. For I'd be too busy enjoying it, unaware of a well-lived life without drugs.

Is a life any more lived when most of the time one is out of it due to a narcotic?

Even though I am naîve to narcotics, I know that it is easier to exercise to release the body's endorphins, because despite the lack of instant relief, it is a natural and refreshing way of coping.

Perhaps because of my years of meditation, it's easier to cope with pain. Even though there is a twinge of pain, I don't seek instant relief. Instead, I have learned to accept pain on its terms.

If that twinge didn't go away, I'd probably reach for the acetominophen. If it lasted a day, then I'd probably book an appointment with my doctor. However, because of those natural painkillers, even though the pain is still there, it is less intense than it was on waking.

That proves to me that the pain wasn't due to an injury or a life-threatening illness. As for the pain of loneliness, I don't have time to whine. Life is too short to cry about how horrible it is.

So why would I need an opiate? My body is releasing them as I write. The pain is gone.

Fuck instant relief.

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