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The Syrian Crisis: Cutting Through the Propaganda (satire)

Image courtesy of Reuters

Robert Ford is why wannabe jihadis are flocking to Syria to fight against the corrupt regime of Bashir al Assad.

Thanks to strong propaganda against Syria, primarily due to its ties with North Korea, the US government has created the current crisis in that country.

Since Robert Stephen Ford is the mastermind of American sponsored terrorism in Syria, the blood is truly on the hands of American government.

However, Islam is not the enemy in Syria.

That would be the US-backed propagandists labeling Assad an evil tyrant in their mainstream media. His crime would be aligning with Iran and dealing with North Korea. Yet the majority of people suffering are Palestinians, displaced by the birth of Israel in 1947.

Hence, Syria's Arab Spring is but a continuation of the struggle between a people (the Palestinians) demonized by propaganda and a world misled into believing Israel is one of the good guys.

If you do not believe Israel is on our side, then you are an anti-Semite, even if your lack of trust in Israel is based on the cold facts that Israel acts like a client state of America and its imperialism in the Middle East.

Even America's invasion of Iraq is but a cold and calculated move for American dominance in the Middle East, or, so the propaganda goes.

However, both sides are in error since the endless war is never over, because the so-called oppressed nation of Israel will be exposed for crying wolf. Yet the sheeple will side with Israel because of right-wing propaganda painting all Muslims as caricatures of Islamic jihadism.

If you hate all Muslims then know that you have been duped by the mainstream media and your gut feeling has been manipulated by propaganda from CNN and FOX News. We all saw how well they tried to blame Amerithrax on Iraq when it's more likely that might have been an inside job.

Muslims who know the truth will laugh at this compliance with propaganda. Nobody who is Muslim in the Middle East and well educated believes al Qaeda and their ilk are Muslim. They know them to be criminals who will burn in hell for their crimes against humanity.

Once, right wing militants like the Muslim Brotherhood will cheer on those criminal terrorists who hide under the robes of a pious Muslim. Now, with the rise of the Islamic State in northern Iraq, all the Muslims have condemned them.

Those who condemn Syria should remember that Ambassador Robert Ford egged on the civilians of Syria to protest in a country where the Assad regime rules with an iron fist.

Given that the rebels did not sent their envoys to the failed peace talks in Geneva, that makes them look like they are only interested in an endless war controlled by ideology rather than by cold hard facts.

However, if you think Syrians are suffering, think again. These people in the picture are not Syrians. The smart ones with the means have already fled Syria, either fleeing to Turkey or to America. It is the unfortunate ones that end up anywhere else, including Jordan and Egypt.

For the people in the photograph are Palestinians, and they suffer due to ideology be it Shi'a or Sunni or even American foreign policy as expedited by Israel, often with prejudice favoring Jews over Arab.

Indeed, the enemy here is not Assad. It is those criminals behind al Qaeda and the Taleban, and especially the Islamic State. No Muslim in their right mind would support them. It is they who threaten, Syria and now Iraq, because their Sharia will ruin both Syria and Iraq were they to win. Any Muslim who supports the Islamic State is Muslim in name only. For the Qatari and Saudis who are behind them are crazy, crazy for oil money, and eager to pay for a holy war, contrary to Islam, all thanks to Big Oil.

Think about that the next time you line up for gas at the gas pumps: your driving privileges support terrorism. It also leads to endless war in the Middle East. So regarding any propaganda about Muslims that you hold, you've been lied to just to manipulate your fears by mainstream media.

If you really cared about the Middle East, then please sell your second car, which you don't really need. Its convenience is echoed in millions of other people with two vehicles actually fund unrest in the Middle East.

Yet, were I to tell this to people filling up their SUVs at the gas pumps, they would be angry due to their fear of losing status among their peers. It is such a waste of money but everyone is doing it, hoping that another recession controlled by powers-that-be won't cause them to lose their jobs.

For all these wars in the Middle East are the doing of elites around the world who want to make a profit from it. Who cares if you lose your jobs? Who cares if Palestinians suffer in Syria? They are also hoping you side with the thinly veiled propaganda designed to cause you to hate the Muslims.

Still, what good does this do except gain more subscribers for the propaganda machine called mainstream media? Indeed, the mainstream media sources are merely propaganda outlets for US foreign policy which has caused much of the civil unrest in the world today. By pushing democracy, America has only caused anarchy in the world.

In my opinion, Muslims were never our enemies. Islamic terrorists did not fly planes into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. That is only what the elites want you to believe. You have been lied to.

A jihadi is not Islamic -- he is an Islamist. The term "Islamic terrorist" is used for propaganda, and is only true within context of mainstream media. They are a corporate terrorist network that is nominally Islamic in that they take what is in the Quran and its hadiths only to utterly distort its true meaning.

I'm sure that people who believe otherwise think that what I am writing is propaganda. However, I am telling you truth based on what Muslims tell me. They were never the enemy. That has always been truth. I am just saddened that few people are willing to discover the truth about what Muslims think about those quasi-Muslim terrorists - the Islamists - that the mainstream media write about.

However, it's not up to me to change the minds of bigots. They would rather listen to the propaganda than work to open their minds to Truth.

It is Sayyid Qutb who is the father of Islamism. However, the acts of violent revolution are influenced by his words.

By "setting up the kingdom of God on earth, and eliminating the kingdom of man," Islamists think they are "taking power from the hands of its human usurpers and restoring it to God alone".

Instead, they are taking power into their own hands and forcing sharia in contravention to the Quran by limiting the choices of their Muslim subjects in the Islamic State to submit or die.

Thus, the Islamic State is merely continuing human usurpation and oppression of Muslims by Islamists who are political ideologists bent on total control and domination of the Ummah that they are purported of restoring power to God alone.

Since this has occurred in northern Iraq and eastern Syria, it is still a part of the Syrian crisis. That crisis has proven time and again of being orchestrated by American foreign policy in Syria, and funded by Qatari and Saudi sympathizers of the Syrian rebels.

For the almost-religious zeal of the American government to force democracy on the Middle East, especially Afghanistan, Iraq and even Syria will only lead to more anarchy in the Middle East.

Perhaps then, the Islamic State is only a symptom of that anarchy, which makes Islamism a Muslim answer to globalism. Might that mean jihadi is just another name for "freedom fighter" and the freedom that they are fighting for is the extreme of the right to freedom of religion?

Originally posted March 2, 2014 at 10:48 AM
Update posted July 10, 2014 zy 1:29 AM


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