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Why we need Muslim terrorists in Canada (satire)

  1. They will assassinate drug dealers but never deal in marijuana.
  2. Sharia law will be enforced, rather than be eroded by anti-religion manifestos like in Quebec. Though the government will have to pay them off to keep their women safe from honor killing and FGM.
  3. They could be used to keep the Pakistani-Canadian gang members in check e.g. assassinate pedophile Muslims.

Seriously though, the Canadian government is going to watch these guys when they return from Syria. It's unlikely they'll be on Muslim criminals' side after becoming Salafi. Those guys are anti-drug to the point of beheading drug dealers in Syria. So, why not use our Canadian al Qaeda to take a bite out of Muslim crime in Canada? Isn't that why the Canadian government sent them to al Nusra Front in Syria in the first place? I mean, we have Canadians there fighting beside the rebels against Assad. They will eventually come home once Assad is overthrown and his army obliterated.

This is probably why no country is supplying the rebels with bigger firepower yet. If only automatic rifles and smaller arms gets to them, then it'll be easier for the Syrian military to keep them at bay. However, it would be stupid to supply them with enough firepower to wipe out Assad, because that would force China and Russia to step in. When you add to this al Qaeda forces coming out of Pakistan, it's not hard to suspect Pakistan's Islamists and Taleban are doing what comes naturally for them, since Pakistan was the staging ground for most of the Taliban of Afghanistan.

Remember: there are up to 100 Canadian al Qaeda at the moment. Think of how useful they will be cleaning up Canadian inner cities from Halifax to Toronto to Edmonton to Vancouver, keeping it free of drug dealers. Sadly though, the security experts predict they will turn to crime and blow up trains and assassinate city councils. That's only if we deny them sharia law courts. However, it's going to cost a lot of money to keep them in line.

I'm sure sending in al Qaeda to take a bite out of crime in Canada is worth it because the RCMP are doing a shitty job of it as of now. The reports of Canadians in Syria fighting for al Qaeda implies they will get tips on how to foment "revolution" in Canada when they return. However, they may also eliminate gang members who offend them, not to steal drugs but to show what happens when sharia is used against drug dealers. Our criminal gangs in Canada are out of control. Legal enforcement and the justice system only recently legislated against gang violence by criminalizing it. However, they still fight with staff in youth custody facilities.

There was a recent incident in BC where a youth detention staff member was severely injured by a suspected teenaged gang member. I bet the government employees union is grieving that. For how can a staff member do his job if he is going to get beat up or killed at work?

While turning Canadian al Qaeda into anti-drug squad is fraught with the risk of death and injury, the risk of death and injury is prevalent in the lifestyle of gang members. The Surrey Six who died needlessly is a case in point.

When you start assassinating your rivals for horning in on your territory, then you are acting in a psychopathic manner that is contrary to the safety and security of law-abiding citizens like the two guys who were pulled in and murdered in cold blood, merely for being witnesses. Instead of targeting the State (the US government) for depriving their gangs of cocaine from Mexican cartels, gangsters in Vancouver plotted to kill off gang rivals in the big fight to distribute the dwindling supply of cocaine.

Overall, the deaths of four gang members and two innocent bystanders is a senseless waste of lives and of time. It was done because one gang tried to extort a "fee" from rival gang members to deal in their territory. When the rivals wouldn't pay up, they were executed. If Canadian al Qaeda are added to this, gang members could hire their services to wipe out other gangs.

However, the risk would be that the al Aqaeda would wipe them out if they don't convert to Islam and fight for the greater good of the imminent Caliphate. Islamists like this will threaten the group dynamics in the prison system if arrested and incarcerated with the general population.

You will see prisoners converting to Islam because the Islamists will protect you to the death. This is happening in the UK right now. It's only a matter of time before it occurs in Canada.

Originally posted: March 27, 2014 3:52 AM

Syria is a training ground for Canadian homegrown terrorists.

We have Canadians in Syria fighting alongside the rebels against Assad:

Inspiration for this article:

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