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Drone TV and the War Against War Criminals (satire)

My dream job would be to remotely pilot drones to knock off war criminals, regardless of religious affiliation, be they Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, or secularists hiding behind any one of the above.

However, the drones will be more immune to radio interference with security features. If there isn't a friendly datalink, then the drone will fly high and destroy itself.

All targets will be given enough warning to turn themselves into the ICC. Thus it would be a deterrent to enforce compliance for war criminals.

Even so, all remote pilots will have a yearly contract with a $100,000 payout if you quit to ensure enough money for psychotherapy and transition to a less stressful job. Much patriotic propaganda will be used to induce pilots to continue working for the safety and security of the world by their respective governments.

Additionally, this will be turned into a reality TV show to humanize drone pilots with collaboration and oversight by either a NATO organization. The audience will get to decide who will return in the next season, rather than nameless NATO commanders.

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