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La Lumière sur L'infidélité/The Light on Infidelity (satire)

Pourquoi ne pas les croyants -
hommes et femmes &mdas; quand vous entendu
parler de l'affaire, - mettre le meilleur
sur la construction dans leurs propres esprits
et dire «cette charge est un mensonge évident"?
Voici ...., vous avez reçu vos langues
et disiez de vos bouches
ce dont vous n'aviez pas connaissance,
et vous pensiez que ce soit
une question de lumière.

Et parmi ceux qui sont autour
de vous des gens du désert,
il ya des hypocrites,
et parmi les gens de Médine aussi;
ils sont têtus dans l'hypocrisie;
vous ne les connaissez pas;
Nous les connaissons;
Nous allons les châtier deux fois,
puis ils seront refoulés
à un châtiment douloureux.

"Why did not the believers — men and women &mdas; when ye heard of the affair,— put the best construction on it in their own minds and say "this charge is an obvious lie"? .... Behold, you received it on your tongues and said out of your mouths things of which you had no knowledge, and you thought it to be a light matter".

"And from among those who are round about you of the dwellers of the desert there are hypocrites, and from among the people of Medina also; they are stubborn in hypocrisy; you do not know them; We know them; We will chastise them twice then shall they be turned back to a grievous chastisement." — Sura 24, "The Light", an-Nur, ayat 11-20

Once in the lifetime of Mohammad (pbuh), his caravan had carried on after stopping at an oasis. However, Aisha (as), noticing the loss of a necklace, a gift from the Prophet (sa), departed the caravan unnoticed in the early morning.

After finding her necklace, Aisha (as) was found by a kinsman who swiftly escorted her back to the caravan. On noticing this, Mohammad's companions' wives gossipped, saying "It is likely Aisha slept with her kinsman."

In response, Mohammad (phub) scolded the women and men of the caravan, thus sparing the lives of both his wife, Aisha and her kinsman.

If one believes the above anecdote to be about infidelity between man and women among Muslims, then one only knows of men and women. However, the metaphorical significance of this incident goes beyond conjugal relationships among the People.

This anecdote states firmly that, rather than listening to gossip and rumors about infidels, the Muslim should decry whatever one hears about infidels to be an obvious lie when he or she knows the character of the infidels is contrary to what other Muslims are saying.

This anecdote also says that the true Muslim is not only knowledgeable about Islam, he is also knowledgeable about infidels. Remember that most Muslims were also infidels before Mohammad (pbuh), even the Companions. When before they circled the Ka'aba in worship of idols, today they circle the Ka'aba in worship of only God Almighty.

Thus, to gossip and spread rumors about infidels is not unlike worshipping to idols. It makes the mighty as base as the people who talk about them.

It makes all of us hypocrites when we speak ill of others, even if they are infidels.

My argument also applies to religionists, who gossip about their brothers and sisters and then propagate an obvious lie about their target, thus sharing one thing in common with their target, that of being sinners also. Just as it is a sin to live together in common law, it too is a sin to gossip and spread rumors about couples living in sin and to prevent them from feeling accepted on holy and sacred ground. If you think you are so superior to sinners, then in believing thusly are you too sinning, being that of pride.

No one is free of infidelity, not even people who pray daily. No matter how many time you wash yourselves, your prayers cannot clean away the infidelity towards people towards whom you feel superior to. When a man deems another person a loser just because they do not believe in God as greatly as you supposedly do, then both men are losers of the faith and trust that binds humanity together.

How dare the Christians, the Jews, and the Muslims treat infidels in their midst as though they are pariahs! It is said that God Almighty is Merciful, but humanity often forget that.

Such infidelity is not apparent because those of God's people who think of themselves holy are often no better than a poor believer.

If I a sinner, an apparent apostate to Judeo-Christian faith, and an unbeliever of Salafi Islam, know this, why are the Abrahamic people of the Book so ignorant of their various infidelities?

Only God knows.

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