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Warning: Booty Shake Videos (satire)

For horny boys and men, booty shake videos are sometimes their passion.

According to the adult site, HotAssDance, "the best booty shake and hot ass dancing videos online. We have tons of favorite booty dancing videos plus lots of exclusive ass shaking videos. Watch free booty dancing videos instantly with no credit card required. Join the Hot Ass Dance website to get more features and watch more ass dancing vids. We have thousands of the best booty shake and hot ass dancing videos online from the hottest booty shaking girls there are. Watch all of these ass shaking videos that have been submitted big booty girls."

Even so, they require a credit card for ID. Some of the content is provided by girls booty dancing on YouNow, which bought the infamous BlogTV on which Amanda Todd began her long road to her death a few years ago.

Now, this is somehow a rite of passion for a few young girls and women around the world. However, when a pervert blackmails a girl, then it ought to be a federal crime.

However, it has become apparent to me that some of the girls willingly engage in such acts against their better judgment, thanks to the subtle grooming by the perverts.

My purpose in reporting about HotAssDance is not to send people there. I won't go there due to the risk of exposing personal financial information. Instead, this is a warning to parents: Are your kids alright?

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