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Why I think I got Banned from YouNow (satire)

Girls and young women are targeted by creepy boys and men. In fact, the average pedophile on YouNow is probably no more than 3-5 years older than the twelve year old girls he captures video of.

When some creeper asks a girl to "show boobies", the girl should reply "Show us dick". Instead, the anti-pedophiles come out, and the hate war begins.

Yesterday, I got banned from YouNow for replying to creepers by asking them to twerk and "show us dick." No, actually I asked the guys to show their chests first.

It seems that this is worse than them asking girls all kinds of stuff so they can capture video of boobs and ass. I don't care if the boy is underaged, because he has no business asking girls to "show boobies". Me asking him to show his manboobs off isn't the same thing. It's an attempt to humiliate and shame the creepers.

Sadly though, the moderators have no humor.

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