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Islamic Terrorism an American Product? (satire)

Islamic terrorism is actually an American product.

al Qaeda was formed to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan with help from the CIA and Pakistan's ISI.

In essence Islamic terrorism has always been sponsored by the American government.

Meanwhile, domestic terrorism in America is actually Christian, e.g. Army of God. In Europe, it's not Islamists who are a threat. It's actually non-Muslim separatists. In Italy, Christian terrorists are killing Muslims.

So much for Islamic terrorism.

However, I do not believe al Qaeda and Taliban to be "Islamic" terrorists. Their imam is both a poor Islamic scholar and surgeon. Just by killing other Muslims, he is destined for the Fire. So are the martyrs, except for the suicide bombers they use.

The Islamophobes can decry Islamic terrorism as much as they want in America. It's not going to change the fact that the American government is sponsoring the al Nusrah Front and the ISIS by buying oil from OPEC and also asking Canada to secretly send home grown terrorists to Syria.

Nobody believes this because of their blind faith in America as a democracy. I find this hilarious because America has descended into fascism since 911, thanks to their politics.

I personally believe that the US secretly supports Canadian PM Stephen Harper, and if it were possible, they would keep Harper on a PM. I also believe that Canada is a rogue nation under Harper. Indeed, I liken Harper to a benign dictator rather than a democratic leader. He has propagandized against Assad, and pissed off the native people of Canada.

Yet the worst thing that Harper has done is allow home grow terrorists to fight in Syria.

Wait until the karma from that bites us in the ass.

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