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Child Exploitation Begins on YouNow (satire)

All the users who insult broadcasters are in cahoots with whoever they want to please. The ones that please the blackmailers will soften up the girls flaunting cleavage by cursing them until they cry.

That's revenge for not "showing boobies". Once they comply, then the blackmailers step in who extorts a private show from a compliant girl. A private show allows the blackmailer to manufacture pornography to sell to an adult video cartel I have mentioned on blogspot previously.

This is all about product, from manufacturing porn to selling it.

I would expect the girls should at least get a cut of it, but they want no part of it. Stupidly, they give it away for free. The only honest economic "slut" here are the webcam girls who sell their nudity for $$$.

On YouNow, the kids who show ass, cleavage and a whole lot more are being exploited without compensation.

I'm sure that this blog article will ensure that I remain banned from YouNow, merely for exposing the dark underbelly of the beast of free market capitalism known as "online adult videos".

It is because none of these children have had their image copyrighted that it can be stolen from them to profit the blackmail and everyone who profited from its resale.

I believe that this is also why the mainstream media will not expose the dark underbelly of this aspect of child exploitation. All YouNow has to do is sue them.

However, they cannot sue me. They can only ban me from YouNow.

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