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My Tips on Finding the One (satire)

Here are my loonie's worth on finding the right one, the lady of your dreams.

First sign onto a dating website like Loveaholics or Fling. If you're not into paying money by credit card, then it's not for you.

Otherwise, get a credit card that is a refillable cashcard. I should tell you that out of five websites, perhaps one or two only accept the hard-to-obtain credit card which is backed by the size of your income. YMMV

In order to luck out and score a woman's number online, you have to be patient. For one day, some woman might give you her number.

Who cares if she lives more than 250 miles away?!

The reason why a woman far away might give you her number is because she is taking a chance that you might be a nice guy, once she gets to know you.

However, a local lady would never do such a thing because being nearby, I am a potential threat to her. She's rather cyber with me than meet me.

Thus, the further the woman is away, the most likely she might give out her number.

However, if you get her number, then try to act as nice as you are. Don't perv on her, and never stalk her.

Indeed, the best kind of woman is the one whose online presence is absent. All it takes is patience and Google.

Good luck finding the One!

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