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At-Risk Families Open to Pedophiles (satire)

Today there are young girls who think it is normal to have sex with older men. Often they come from broken homes where the eldest sibling is the mother to younger siblings whilst their mother drinks herself silly and/or abuses drugs.

Where is the father? Well, he got kicked out of the house for adultery. While his wife is trying to cope with 3+ children, he's with his mistress and sometimes happily married after the divorce.

Where does the pedophile fit in this picture? Well, a family where the eldest child is the prime caretaker of both the mother and the kids is where sometimes s/he may be exposed to pedophiles.

For the mother is vulnerable to grooming by a domestic abuser boyfriend who also is a pedophile. That's where it may start. It's not always a strange male befriending a child.

In fact, this scenario is underreported, mainly because of feminist dogma that denies mothers might abuse and/or neglect their children due to the holiness of motherhood.

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