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Bill C-13: Two Possible Police Entrapment Scenarios (satire)

Here's a couple scenarios for police to try once Bill C-13 is law in Canada:

This would be a vice operation.

Get the lady officer who looks the youngest to play an innocent teen, and then proceed to entrap sex perverts on Omegle, Kik, Yahoo, Skype.

Use prepaid phones for texting if it calls for it. However, have at least two older cops as backup, and to play the "parents".

A variation on the above scenario would be playing an amateur webcam model. The perverts wanting a "private show" will begin harassment and verbal abuse that will have a digital trail.

Onsite should be a hacker to track down IP addresses if need be. However, since the pervert will need to call voice, the prepaid phone is essential for a bust.

The same blackmail risk applies, because he is using coercion to get compliance, which is in itself emotional blackmail.

I can't believe anyone would be so paranoid to believe just by liking this post, you're open to spying by CSEC or NSA.

Believe me, if they thought anything I posted was a "terrorist threat", they would have kicked my doors down when I was still on Facebook back in 2007.

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