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Flirting 101 (satire)

When you are in chat with your online girlfriend, don't put pressure on her. Keep it clean. Be innocent.

Friends flirt; friends don't cyber because it is more enjoyable to flirt like friends do, innocently.

You must promise to keep your conversations civil, but she expects you to be flirty.

Here's how to test those waters: ask her if she is horny. I asked her, and she said, "Of course not. But I am hungry."

Score: 1-0 for her for flirting.

In response, I replied "Food >>> sex". That resulted in major LOL's.

Next time I may ask her ask "Are you hungry?"

I must be falling for her if I'm willing to risk mentioning this online relationship on my blog.

Now when we chat, we ask each other if we are hungry. Usually it turns out we just ate.

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