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Looks Like I'm Going to be a Dry Mormon (satire)

My desire to become a baptized Mormon died when I was told I couldn't be baptized because my roommates are "living in sin" aka in a common law relationship. That didn't make me want to take up smoking though.

Of course, I let the Mormons know I put my roommates before the Mormon church. Hopefully they'll respect that devotion to my roommates.

However, while waiting for church to start today, I happened on the Rational Wiki which had a hilarious spin on Mormons, though no True Believer Mormons would be laughing at it as much as I am.

After reading about dry Mormons, which are people who attended Mormon meetings on Sunday but aren't baptized due to complications like mine, I found the concept amusing as I did Jack Mormons, who are apostate Mormons who try to outdo the secular decadent hedonists in south Utah.

I know for myself that I don't self-identify as a cafe Christian, who is just on the edges of being a Christian. He'd give up coffee & tea, cigarettes, alcohol, and dangerous drugs, but he might come up with excuses not to attend Sunday meetings at the Mormon meetinghouse.

Just for the record, I am not disappointed at not being able to be baptized soon. However, I'm going to go out of my way to be virulently anti-Mormon, because of that one Buddhist precept that says a believer should never disrespect the Buddha. Even though a Christian prophet is nothing like a Buddha, both of them are spiritually alike.

It would be foolish of me to disrespect the Mormons in any way, and the mention of the Rational Wiki's take on Mormonism is not an attack on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint. Rather, it is an amusing spin on an American folk religion that evolved into another part of the Christian mosaic in the USA.

Oh, also I'm invited to a dinner with a Mormon family later on this week. We'll see how that goes when it happens.

Mormonism - Rational Wiki:

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