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Quitting Smoking (satire)

If I for one moment choose medication to help me wean off nicotine, then I'd be a goner. Chantix worked, and I never felt better.

Why would need another medication when its use is unwarranted?

My recent bout with smoking never wavered above three a day. So quitting smoking is going to be relatively easy, even though I want to buy one right now. I won't though, because I can live to my side of this bargain with God as I know him. And I know his minions will fail me, and deny me baptism because of their petty misgivings about common law.

Of course, they don't know me or my spiritual constitution. Life is indeed better since I stopped smoking.

How glad am I to be free!

To not smoke even though a little voice is urging me to do so: that is the easy part. It's not just the money saved that inspired me to remain dedicated to quitting. It is also the knowledge that I have it in me to do this healthy act of not smoking because I made that commitment willingly.

For the same strength of will that led to smoking is now the strength of will that leads me to not smoke. I do not do so with expectation of much from God as I know him. Rather, I do this because it frees me from the fate of a smoker, my breathing ragged and phlegm at my throat.

It's been great knowing you, nicotine, the brief high after inhaling now a memory. Actually, I have discovered that my meditations are much more than calm and peaceful than before, when I was smoking. Now they have a clarity that stays with me longer.

Without medication, I know I can stop smoking.

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