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Unconditional Love Makes All Touch By it Feel Like A Virgin (satire)

Like a virgin
Touched for the very first time
Like a virgin
With your heart beat
Next to mine — Madonna, Like A Virgin

Unconditional love is a concept foreign to people who think physical love (eros) is the only love they know. Yet they find all discussion of love to be endless and boring prose, just because they forget that sex is NOT love.

A person does not have sex because she loves another person, even though she may believe it to be so. She has sex because the purpose of it is is to make love (eros).

However, unconditional love is not sex (erotic love), for the latter has conditions place on it. If one has sex with another person, then it comes with conditions. The sex must be consensual; it is not love if there is a hint of coercion. It only become rape if and only if at least one member gave no consent and felt like they owed the other person (coercion).

Unconditional love, on the other hand, never leads to rape or consensual sex. Rather, human love limits such love, taking a bit of the pureness and making it sublime.

Therefore a person lies when he claims there is no higher love than sexual love. The truth is, unconditional love is reflected in human love, despite all the conditions contained in expression of eros.

Yet it remains pure and unblemished, and everyone who becomes single again is like a virgin because of unconditional love itself.

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