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Analysis of Standing Naked Lady (NWSF)

I'm sorry the picture is too small for your enjoyment but I'm trying to observe a no-full-front nudity policy so that I don't get complaints.

However, I will describe the original photo and carry on from there. In that picture, a guy is standing to our left while this lady is standing to the right. Only, she is not standing straight, so it's hard to centre her face because she's posing. In her navel is one of those thingies women put in there as jewelry, because of the current fashion trend.

Only, she's smiling pretty while standing naked while a guy is standing to her right, totally ignoring him and showing that million-dollar smile because she's on camera.

Meanwhile, the guy looks like he's just unzipped his fly. Yet that smile on that naked lady tells me she just won the jackpot (probably $200).

On closer look, she is tall and has a medium shaped body, fitting right into her BMI. She's not fat but she's not skinny either, and is about five pounds short of being rubenesque, someone I might enjoy.

I mean, my first girlfriend was almost 5'10. So this lady in the picture could be 136-150 lbs, and smiling like she won the jackpot.

My, she has nice teeth!

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