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Acceptance (satire)

Sometimes society practices a covert form of sociopathy by shaming successful people, merely for being sociopaths, narcissists and empaths.

I find the vitriolic name-calling of such people to be objectionable. All it shows to me is a cold-heartedness inspired by fear that is totally unacknowledged and often denied, only to be projected onto other people who do not meet society's sometimes narrow definition of compassion and understanding.

Ultimately, society becomes monstrous when ill-will towards others people results in unwarranted hatred towards sociopaths, narcissists and empaths.

For we are all a part of society, whether we identify with "being normal", whatever that means, or being a sociopath, narcissist or empath. Society's tendency to project its own monstrous cold-heartedness onto people considered "not normal" results in such people as being monsters.

I affirm they are no such thing, and society is better off with successful sociopaths in business, successful narcissists in show business, and successful empaths in all endeavors, for which they all are a match.

This is not the time to be drawing a line between "them" and "us", but to work for the enlightened times of today where nobody is special and everyone is in it for the long haul towards progress for the Earth.

Instead of hate, let there be love for all people regardless of the labels that might divide us. For acceptance of our fellow sentient beings leads to a stronger society, for the good of us all.

Originally posted on July 13, 2014 at 8:55 PM PDT

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