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How Home-Grown Islamist Jihadis Would Use GooglePlus as a Forum to Plot Against Their Enemies (satire)

First of all they would use Arabic

Next they would use code words, so as to not arouse suspicion.

They would create a community that other jihadis would request permission to enter. This keeps out spies.

Googleplus Staff would not be able to monitor them unless they have a team that knows and can read Arabic to monitor all communities that use Arabic.

It would be harder to monitor home-grown jihadis using all the languages of the Western would because of the code word phrases used. The only way to flush them out would be to have anti-terrorist team at Googleplus whose job is to be trolls to incite jihadis by being vehemently anti-terrorist.

The anti-terrorists would start by posting the successes of the Iraqi government in beating back the IS jihadis. They would also be vehemently anti-jihadi.

It is the imperative for Googleplus to have anti-jihadis to troll suspected communities to flush out home-grown terrorists who will use fake names to disguise themselves.

Of course, no jihadi would be that stupid to use a real name since most if not all Arabic communities of Googleplus are already monitored.

Or are they?

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