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Is It hypocritical to Hate Haters? (satire)

Let me cut out the BS and declare that I hate hate-mongers who dislike other people who think are beneath them.

This includes misogynists who hate women and even go out of their way to abuse women, racists who hate people who are either darker than them if they are white or lighter than them if they are black, and both white and black people if they are brown, gay-bashers who not only hate but also physically abuse the GLBT people who now have the right to be treated with respect, nationalists who believe and act on their belief that immigrants should move back to their respective homeland, pro-life activists especially Army of God terrorists who believe abortion is a sin but don't believe in contraceptives, and violent social activists who use fascist methods of power and control which include beating up a guy whose only crime is documenting their follies with his video camera.

I feel that the hate-mongers are being hypocritical when they defend their hate-filled propaganda either by hiding behind God or worse, claiming freedom of expression and waving the free speech flag.

Our human rights and freedoms are sacrosanct which means hate propaganda is not protected by free speech laws when it crosses the line and may incite people to oppress people who they feel they are superior to, just to incitement to oppress a targeted group.

Nobody has the right to oppress GLBT members, visible minorities and women, let alone children. I am sorry but the UN declaration of human rights does not protect hate crime.

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