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Do you know what Your Girls Are Doing On-line? (satire)

Parents: You'd be shocked if you only knew what your girls were doing on-line.

It's not a phase they are doing through. Some of your girls are flashing guys on Kik. They are also allowed to tease the boys on Younow while banning guys for objecting to it.

I could go on, but it was exposed by Amanda Todd. And the real reason why she hung herself was because her mother cut her off from unconditional love.

Of course, if you can't handle the truth, then go ahead and believe the propaganda that it was all because of some non-existent on-line stalker.

Why do police consistent wait until a crime happens before they do anything about it? This reactive form of policing is vexing.

They told Amanda Todd's mother to keep Amanda off the Internet because of her exhibitionist response to being deprived by her mother of the loving and caring attention that would have reduced her on-line activity.

Now we have the media circus where the lie that Amanda was stalked on-line until she was bullied by her classmates, all of whom resorted to bullying to get her to tow the line.

That line is best summed up as "stop showing off your body to the Internet".

However, the mainstream media sticks to the stalker propaganda instead of telling the truth and thus are complicit in the propaganda.

This is because society cannot handle the truth: your girls have the potential to become flashers on-line if you deprive them of love and nurturing.

So, parents, do you know what your girls are doing on-line?

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