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Feminists are Sexist Too (satire)

Women are so picky about their mates.

Firstly, despite protest contrary, their ideal man must be financial stable, i.e. they must be the breadwinner.

Yet women have been emancipated. Sometimes they make more than men do.

Why is it that women demand a financial stable man, but a man usually marries a woman with no visible means of income, save what her parents might give to her as a wedding presents, or nothing if they foot the bill for the wedding?

A feminist would call the man a misogynist, yet most feminists who are heterosexual demand that the man to be an employee with a good job (doctors, lawyers, or CEO of a company that is green). She would be working, too.

I believe it is sexist for a woman to demand such a thing of a man. It is sexist because few feminists complain about men with jobs marrying women who have no job, save to be homemaker. If they actually were complaining, then why are they not protesting in your neighborhood.

If women want to wear the pants in their future family, then I see no reason why a man must have a job to meet the requirements of a women for her to marry, especially if she is employed at a good job.

He is not a burden to her, just as a woman without a job marrying an employed man is not a burden to him.

Therefore the fallacy that a man must be a breadwinner in order to marry a woman regardless of her employment status is clearly evident.

As well, that a man must be a breadwinner is also an artificial requirement by women which is inherently sexist and misanthropic.

Feminists, cut out the double standard. You are equal in sexism.

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