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Canada Park In Israel Violates UN Treaty With Jordan (satire)

Disclaimer: every word in this article that appears to be anti-Semitic is in fact descriptive and not racist. Any objection to this article by ADL and parties representing them is thus a violation of free speech.

By expropriating Palestinian land to make this park, Canadian Jews have raised the ire of the Palestinians who were forcefully expelled in 1947. In 2007, the Israeli government denied the request for the Arabs who used to own homes there to return to their home and rebuild them.

By doing so, Canada will soon be a target of Palestinian jihadis in the future, who are descendants of the original Arab families from whom the Israeli government illegally stolen land from them for "security reasons."

IMO the reason why Israel stole this land is because of the historical significance even though a few Israeli Jews are genetic descendants of the ancient Hebrews.

For six million of them were killed in genocide by 1946, and the current Jews that dominate Israeli politics are Ashkenazim who are not descendants.

Yes, I am suggesting that ancient Hebrews are not the ancestors of Ashkenazim, but are ancestors of the Samaritans and the Jews who never left the Levant after returning from Babylonian captivity.

It is those Jews who are no longer represented by the Israeli government due to internecine conflict between the original Jews and the American and European Jews whose ancestors originated in Central Asia. This includes the American Hasidim who emigrated there to illegal occupy the West bank in violation of the UN treaty with Jordan.

It is no wonder that the Hamas want to push all Jews to the Mediterranean Sea.

Let us hope the IS does not invade Canada because of this outrage against the Palestinian Arabs who still own that land.


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