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Corporal Tilman's Death Exposes the Successful Sociopaths of US Armed Forcesl (satire)

The story of Tilman's death is why a platoon should never split up when a vehicle breaks down, but should stick together within eyesight to ensure everyone knows who is friendly.

Whoever commanded this bad move to split up was effectively the cause of Tilman's death, not the guy who shot him.

"Tillman’s platoon leader first lieutenant David Uthlaut and his radio telephone operator (RTO), 19-year old Jade Lane, were wounded in the incident." -- this is why Tilman's group were not ID'd as friendly. Jade Lane was wounded, and no other trooper in Serial 2 could communicate with Serial 1 (Tilman's group). I bet Uthlaut also forgot to tell Serial 1 not to get out of eyesight. The 1 klick distance implies Serial 1 did not see that Serial 2 needed cover.

As well, Serial 1 was on foot because if they travels by Humvee, it would draw enemy fire. This implies the HVs were not battle hardened with armor.

This man covered up Tilman's death by friendly fire: Brigadier General Gary M. Jones.

By his order, the US military lied to his surviving family is proof that the US military engages in sociopathic behavior in order to draft innocent citizens to become cannon fodder in the Middle East and Afghanistan and anywhere else there is conflict.

This is why "there is no life like it in the Army", because of the patriarchal command structure, which condones rape culture as well.

This is because of GW Bush and Cheney who are the successful sociopaths who lied to the American people about WMD in Iraq and about the real reason for invading Afghanistan. It was not to get bin Laden but to eliminate Taliban threat to US Big Business who stood to profit once the US installed Karzai.

Thankfully Karzai is no friend of the US government.


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