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Be lewd, Not Nude, On the net (satire)

Children these days still run away from home with their BFF, but they beat them up and shave them bald, to psych out their competition so they can desperately get attention from boys until they get pregnant. That is called, "having a life."

That's why Tallulah Bankhead was lewd and a bisexual sex monster in the 1930s, because that is how "bad" girls did it in great-Grandmama's day. The coke just cut the edge off.

Today, the lewd teens know about illegal drugs, drinking, oral sex, condoms, sextoys, flashing titties onlie, younow, Amanda Todd, and how to love themselves so they don't "steal" their BFF's BF, get beat up in front of their peers, drink bleach, etc. just cos they lost the love of their parents due to be lewd.

At least they weren,t as nude as Amanda got.

Even so, parents should stop judging their kids for being lewd and then deprive their children of love until they get addicted to the internet to get the attention they so desperately want from their MOMs and DADs until they flash their titties while getting nude and worse, like glowstick love. >:)

Otherwise they are going continue to commit suicide, just because parents cut them off from their love and attention, just for having a sex life. And governments are going to police the net until everyone is accused of being a pedobear, a stalker, and other thoughtcrime.

Just for not being aware that lewdness is a violation of internet etiquette and nudity means their well meaning friends exercise their bullying for the good of all.

Well, I accuse all of Amanda Todd's friends of creating the lewd monster she became. At least she was notorious. Y'all are just a bunch of successful sociopaths in training, but she failed to be one, thanks to your reverse psychology.

Now forget what I ranted about, and shut off your computer. You need to have a life because "there is no life on the net."

Karma is a bitch, but it cannot return Amanda. By hiding the truth from the world and letting the propaganda machine called Carol Todd carry on, you ex-friends of "dat bitch" Amanda 'glowsticks' Todd, you all shall lead interesting lives.

Even you RCMP, especially with your "we can't do anything for you until you get Amanda off the Internet for seven weeks" but nobody even addressing her Internet addiction thanks to lack of motherly love.

Let the expert propagandist Carol Todd talk, while you all try to restrict the Internet "to stop internet bullying" when the truth will set you free.

Now forget I wrote this and shut off your computer. Get out and have a life, because like me, if you read up to this point, you are a computer addict and say the first step clearly: Hello, my name is -Stephen- and I am an Internet Addict, my life is unmanageable and I am powerless over it.

Nobody has the right to be on the Internet for days. In due time it will cause mental illness, marital discord, divorce, and loneliness.

However, addicts will continue to abuse others on the Net until they have lost their access, their homes, and sometimes, their lives. Few people seek help. So I have provided it again and again even though it hurts every time.

Life has gotten interesting for all parties indeed.

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