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Evil Means Nothing to Me (satire)

Of all the good that is in the world, love is especially treasured.

When love comes without conditions, it can only be shared. Hopefully we may put no conditions on it, lest love lose its power to overcome the trials in this journey called life.

Having said this, I only hope that love reflects all that is good without me hating what I may mistake for evil.

For that which is not good is not always evil. Even though it is not good to hate, hatred for what is not good may become like another evil when the hater is biased about evil.

Since unconditional love inspires me not to hate but to love without attaching conditions to that Love, I am the wiser for remaining aloof to what is not good and not consider it truly evil.

True evil thus is not worth my hatred, lest I lose myself to that hatred. Though it would be equally foolhardy to love evil!

It would be best for my sake to ignore evil, and to desist from contemplating it at all. In loving that which is good, be it beauty or the pure heart, I love both because of what they mean to me.

Therefore evil has no place in my heart, and is thus meaningless to me.

Murder, lust, rage, mayhem — these acts and feelings seem exciting and sometimes attractive to a few people, but not to me. I see them all as abstract concepts, for they are not a part of my immediate reality.

Evil means nothing to me because I do not naturally contemplate acting and thinking evil. Instead I gravitate towards good, due to the power of unconditional love.

Though it would seem that I am suggesting unconditional love makes evil irrelevant, I deny this. For good and evil have their place in the world.

It is evil to harm other people, and especially evil to kill them. Likewise, the contemplation of murder is an evil thought. For killing other sentient beings violates the precept against killing.

However, it is good to treat other people with kindness. Though unconditional love does not blind us to evil. We do good to other people not merely to benefit ourselves, but mainly to help other people.

Even so, the act of causing harm to another sentient being cannot be due to unconditional love.

Sometimes we do not act to stop harm to another person. This inaction is the cause of evil, rather than calculated malevolent intent.

This is why the opposite of love and hate is actually indifference.

I do not like to hate another person or even a group of people. Rather, my hatred is directed toward their actions when it violates my moral code. If they bully other people, then I have less sympathy for them and more sympathy towards their victims.

I will hate what they do but certainly not hate them.

My attitude towards them is mitigated by unconditional love. For it is their limitations which lead them to bully someone for reasons known only to them.

Still, I admit to being a hypocrite since in the past I might have been a bully to the bullies for their heinous acts. For I am human, and sometimes my feelings of outrage may get the best of me, especially when the callousness of other people becomes so apparent to me.

In any case, the power of unconditional love inspires me to remember not to hate other people for the evil that they do, but to hate their evil actions.

This is why evil means nothing to me, and good means all the world to me.

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