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Regret (satire)

When stress leads me to say things I later regret, mental fatigue leads me to that mental state.

So I will endeavor to speak wholesomely for the betterment of myself and other people.

For I am thankful that my errors are clear to me, and the solution is so simple for all to see: to hold my tongue rather than speaking,
unless I am asked to provide instruction or to explain in honesty my personal opinion in brevity.

In retrospect, sometimes I say things I regret. The only person I should be apologizing is to myself for denying responsibility for my words.

Indeed, at all times it is wise to closely guard my words. It is obvious that I have broken the Buddhist precept about lying. However, I am harming myself by subjecting myself to the hellish qualities of regret due to misuse of guilt.

In order not to make it worse, I will not provide the details of what I had said over the past week since things have worked out for the best.

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