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Unconditional Love is the Root of Mental Health (satire)

In reality, fewer than 50 percent of people are truly normal. The rest of society might be sociopathic, empaths, narcissists , depressives, bipolar, borderline or merely neurotic.

However, it is by socially isolating the mentally ill, whether by their hand or by society that they are rendered abnormal, that their illness becomes worse, due to the stressful nature of that isolation.

Even though mental illness is not always the consequences of bad choices, it is also not a moral failure. Rather, it may be due to maladaptation to stress.

For all people are human, equal under the law, and all people are social animals. As human beings, it is also normal to care for other people.

Therefore we need to do more to help maintain the social welfare of all people including the mentally ill. This includes seeing them as human beings, rather than as broken people.

All people are deserving of love, for unconditional love is what defines mental health.

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