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Love Free Speech More Than Israel (satire)

Those people who do not dissent the fallacy of Israeli dominance for fear of being called anti-Semitic are afraid to honor free speech due to their political correctness, which is a form of self tyranny.

This only leads to a totalitarian state, and loss of all our rights and freedoms.

For I love free speech more than I do Israel. If this is the reason why GooglePlus has warned me to tone it down, then they are suppressing free speech too. In doing so, they give in to the evil of totalitarianism in the name of political correctness.

This is an evil they swore not to do, but compromised their vow to "do no evil" all because of the false flag event called 911, all because they were afraid of the CIA sending them anthrax in the mail.

Thus is it a greater evil to let Israel idolizers to use anti-semitism name-calling to put the politically correct chill of dissent.

In the name of free speech I object to this political correctness embedded in GooglePlus.

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