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To My Love Part 2 (satire)

20140601: 0654H

To people who wonder if love might be God, the answer is "No." for God is the author of good and evil, and unconditional love is good.

Thus, that Love is but a quality of that which is good.

Let the wise of you decide if that quality is also of God. in saying "Love is God" or "God is love", one becomes like the author of evil since one could easily say, "lust is of the devil," or "Satan is lust" or the like. This too is untrue.

Since God is truly the author of good and evil, then lust is merely eros and not agapé, which surely is unconditional love.

20140611: 0516H

I love science fiction, and Mormon cosmology is in between sci-fi and Buddhism. There is definite manga potential in this.

20140611: 1315H

I also love reading about the mind, especially Jon Ronson's 'The Psychopath Test: a journey through the madness industry'. So far, ronson introduces us to a psychopath who is benign, a psychiatrist who caused a bunch of neurologists to expose their narcissistic personalities but wouldn't spoil the fun by admitting to it, and a criminal psychopath whose keepers thin they are preventing him from harming society, but who the Scientologists think is sane and should be set free.

But wait: psychopaths fake sanity all the time. Indeed, medicating them does not help them.

IMO I love this book because it teaches me that unconditional love is possible for everyone to experience except perhaps narcissists and psychopaths.

20140612: 0843H

Unconditional love is disrespected by sociopaths. It defines everyone else but the people jaded by their simplistic definition of love.

For it is the limits of human love which jade people who have no idea of what unconditional love truly means.

Thus is it my goal of this journal to define that Love.

20140613: 1243H

Unconditional love has no antithesis. For hate always has conditions placed on it. Nor is love the opposite of hate; instead, hate is love's dark companion, its complement.

Yet unconditional love is free of such a dichotomy (and thus has no opposite).

That which is conditional leads ultimately to hate. Thus fickle human love, especially in its form of eros, contains the seeds of hate, even if it is not hate.

Indeed, it is these conditions that lead to hate. Why? Because conditions bind love and imprison it until the love dies, and is reborn as hate. yet that hate hides a confusion of love and hate, fighting a battle, day and night. The only way to free a person from this is unconditional love.

20140618: 1613H

the superior man, empowered by unconditional love, is the complement of his inferiors. In thinking himself grater than another person, does his actions verify his superiority?

Even when he is stronger and more wise, the superior man who lords it over his inferiors has yet to conquer himself. for he who thinks he is better than another person knows nothing of unconditional love, which renders all of us equal to others in the heart.

Perhaps this is why lust is useless in bonding the lover to his beloved, since base desires come and go like clouds in the sky.

Yet that love is ever-present in the life of the superior man who is guided by it. For we are united as one in love.

20140619: 1123

Some people mistake unconditional love for the Christ or even God, but it is heresy to worship love over God.

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