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What Kind of Image Do You Present? (satire)

It is all about humility as the antidote to narcissistic behavior.

I would rather present the image of low self-esteem than be a narcissist who seeks revenge against his imagined enemies. What isn't an issue here is self-esteem.

All that is needed for a person is a validated self-image which endures all adversity for the sake of survival. The very fear of the bully leads children of low self-esteem to do nothing when another child is bullied, lest each of them become a target.

However, the cowardice of bullies is what prevents them from making victims of a group of people, except if they have a tinge of sociopathy.

Therefore, no one is special or unique, lest their ego become distorted. Unconditional love may be a factor in preventing narcissism, because not one person has a monopoly on it.

For all of us are blessed with love, yet few of us are to realize its use in validating one's self-image.

Even when it is self-love, the truly compassionate of us sees the joy in sharing love. For it would be impossible to have a monopoly on narcissism.

Though it would be sad if a narcissist thought people loved him for being unique and special. Truth be told, we admire the narcissist out of pity, especially when he is repentant.

Personally, I would not love him because he is special but I would love the narcissist in spite of his positive and negative attributes.

Without his uniqueness, he is just as deserving of love as an ordinary person. Though it is important to respect other people's boundaries.

When their "me-ness" is almost endless, be compassionate towards the narcissists and show them respect. If they leave you at peace, then they have show you respect, too.

It is truly in how you present yourself to other people that counts, not that the whole world revolves around you alone.

This is why my self-image is based on what appears to be low self-esteem but is a compassionate and kindly image of a humbled self.

It is only through the karma of humility that the desire for attention arising from narcissism is remedied. Those people who refuse the gift of humility are like moths dancing in flight around a candle.

For humility will quench the fires of desire that in which narcissism burns for attention in today's world.

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