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Make War No More in the Middle East (satire)

This article is not an anti-religion rant; it is an anti-war message. For my purpose for hurting the feelings of religionists, especially the post-Christians, is to spill my figurative guts about the forever war started by Christendom against the Muslims with the First Crusades.

All the Western powers that be are doing are perpetuating this war, rather than peace because they are forcing Western democracy on the Muslim nations and the Jihadis are also complicit in all of this too.

When the West admits that the War on Terrorism is a religious war against secularist globalism by the jihadis such as ISIS, that will mark their willingness to confront the truth.

Indeed, the Catholic Church has to make amends to the Muslim nations, and put their support behind the West and their UN and NATO forces.

As seen through jihadi eyes, the UN and NATO peace-keeping forces are viewed as a secular Crusade that threatens the integrity of world's only believers of God Almighty, ISIS and their al Qaeda and Taliban allies.

I condemn the Catholic Church for the trouble in the Middle East since the First Crusades, which was a mad grab for land, fame and power as well as removing unwanted lesser nobility so that the regal elite of Europe could vie for the honor of being offered kingdoms for forcibly converting the Teutonic, Gothic, and savage barbarians such as the Huns and Mongols.

As well, the Church failed to stop its petty wars in the Holy Land where it implemented proxy wars which still play out today. Indeed, the Crusades is the reason of why the Muslims are divided between jihadis and its Salafi origins within Saudi Arabia and the rest of Islam, both Shi'ite and Sunni.

Why do you think Christians are being persecuted today? Because of the delusion called "a healthy ego" and the rise of narcissism that gives rise to the arrogance of individualism. Even the public education system in the West promotes the ideals that is seen by the jihadis as "decadent hedonism" e.g. abandoning overdressed tradition for nearly-naked modernism.

Back over a thousand years ago, the First Crusade was when the current war against jihadis began &madash; back when the Saracens were growing more civilized in their conquered lands, two hundred years after Mohammed's death circa mid -7th century and continuing until the modern era.

It is indeed the epitome of a forever war; not in 1947, though.

For the rise of the state of Israel is actually a continuation of the rivalry between the French and the English, which was started when the Normans conquered England so long ago that only legends of that time remain.

Thus the proxy war that Bashir Al-Assad of Syria mentioned in an interview recently originally began with the Frankish and the English nobles founding a handful of kingdoms in the Holy Land.

Today, both France and England continue their rivalry in the Middle East to this day through their dealings with the US, Russia and China.

As well, the jihadism, the Salafism and the Islamism are also not new: they began right after Mohammed's death and continue on to this day.

It is time for the Church to continue to make amends with the Muslim nations, and to admit its part in this abuse of power starting with Charlemagne circa 768 CE.

For it is the backing of the State by Religion that is truly an evil: for example, the current case of the Orthodox Church in Russia. In their arrogance, the Russian Orthodox Church shows signs of corruption. Putin's pogrom against homosexuality is no different from the anti-gay rhetoric from the pulpits of Christendom in the Byzantine Empire. By scapegoating the LGBT community, the world's religions are distracting us from the fact that nobody really cares if a person is gay except to exercise control over their private affairs.

Likewise, the Muslim nations exercise control over the lives of its community with a big obsession with cleanliness, as though washing the hands and feet is enough to truly be clean.

No religion's hands are truly clean when it comes to war if they cannot turn their swords into ploughshares.

Originally posted August 31, 2014 at 4:52 PM PDT


Background for First Crusade:

Background for Charlemagne:

Background for Jihadism, Islamism, Salafism, and Wahhabism:

Jihadism started circa early 19th century in the Fula Jihads:

Islamism begin in early 18th century:

Salafism developed in the latter part of the 10th century:

Wahhabism arose in the 18th Century:

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