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I am not Antisemitic (satire)

Today America is not strong and free. Rather the rich are strong and free, and the middle class is preyed upon by them until all that shall be left are the rich and the poor, like it was prior to Industrialization.

This is due to and is also the reason for free market capitalism. The trickle down theory is wrong; money actually is sucked up to the rich from the middle class, rendering them poor and eventually homeless.

All that will be left will be successful sociopaths such as the executives of Wall Street and the unsuccessful sociopaths including criminal sociopaths.

Only one thing will make what I write null and void: being sincere about the truth as has been. Indeed, the previous three paragraphs are what I hold to be truth, even though to the casual observer, it may be construed as opinion.

Here are more naked truths: the Ashkenasim have married into the returned Sephardim, who escaped the converso pogrom during the Inquisition. With America's help they return to Israeli to practice the same kind of ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians that the American government committed against the First Nations people by putting them into Indian reservations. The end result will be an Israeli government that puts their mythology over common sense and decency.

Even the recent conflict between Hamas and Israeli government is due to America's hidden agenda. However, this agenda is so easy to uncover: support Israel while continuing to oppress Palestinians worldwide.

Israeli government has even manufactured the propaganda that Palestinians never were from Palestine. The truth is, most Jews in Israel never came from the Holy Land. The majority of them were originally Central Asians who were paid to protect Jews migrating into eastern Europe.

When the Muslims were prepared to invade their territory in Central Asia, rather than siding with Rome as Christians or submitting to the Muslims and accepting Islam, they chose the higher ground of embracing Judaism.

Yet the ADL rejects the Ashkenasim story as false, and claims they were a lost tribe. This historiography is manufactured, as is the current illegal misappropriation of Palestinian land by the Jewish right wing radicals.

IN my opinion, the only open-minded Jewish leader of Israel was Yitzak Rabin. All other Jewish leaders were conservative and to the right of the citizens of Israel. Indeed, the socialist Israelis are outnumbered by the conservative Israelis, thanks to their radicalization in America.

I deny that anything I have written is anti-semitic. It is merely a description of history and politics.

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