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The Mystery of the Soul (testimony)

We thank the Father for this personal revelation by the author.

In the olden days, it was thought that God helps place the soul in babies after conception from the premortal world. Today we know that the soul is actually passed on by man and wife in marriage during Es-ee-eks e.g. procreation creates a living human being who is also a soul.

There is no ghost in the shell. Or so the secularists have propagandized.

Most of the Bible says the body dies and goes to the grave, and the soul goes to Spirit World.

The secularist's conception of procreation conflicts with the religious idea of a soul leading to the pro life vs pro choice debate.

However, the Bible is silent on the soul as a separate entity save for the implication of eternal life if you choose Jesus as Savior -- which actually is when the Holy Ghost becomes pals with your soul and helps develop you into the spiritual being you become after living a spiritually rich life.

Overall, the soul is fully developed at conception but is awakened spiritually by action of the Holy Ghost on a person's life after baptism.

In the name of Jesus Christ I believe this to be true.

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