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The Satanic Movie Dream (satire)

Last Sunday morning I experienced what I first considered to be a nightmare. On close examination by a religiously conservative audience, it might be considered an attack by the devil.

In the major part of the dream, I was given the ability to morph into a troll with a magic club due to a deal made with the devil, in exchange for my soul, instead of fame and fortune as most mortals are apt to do.

While in troll mode, I would cause mayhem but was never caught because of the magical powers of the club. Victims felled by it were not able to describe my troll-like features because of a spell placed on them.

Were they to describe the troll, the police might probably ignore them, since no human being looks like a troll. Thus, the club helped prevent identification and prevented embarrassment to the victims.

Soon I often morphed into troll form to the point where I replaced an extra in a science fiction film. Because I was a troll, I was supposed to have a speaking part in the production of this particular episode.

However, when the actor asked the question, "What is a shillelagh?", I explained without thinking, that my club is such a device, which renders mortals with amnesia to prevent embarrassment when explaining their injuries.

Naturally I was fired, because the actors then had to ad-lib the appropriate reaction rather than do a retake of that scene, since the movie was going over budget.

Later on in this dream, I also experienced the devil who had come to take my soul to Hell. As soon as he touched me and freed my soul from my body, I awoke with a start and muttered a curse under my breath.

Of course, I was no ordinary troll but an Irish troll known as leprechauns. My apologies to keepers of Irish mythology and traditions!

Apparently in this dream, I had sold my soul to the devil to have the power to change into a leprechaun at will and then sought fame and fortune.

After reflecting on this dream, it may have been due to the 5HTP health supplement that I had been taking during this time. When the 5HTP dose is converted to serotonin in the brain, the result will REM suppression and REM "rebound" just before awakening with a clear memory of the resulting dream.

Since my supply of 5HTP ran out, I have forgotten most of my dreams by the time I awaken from sleep almost every night.

Originally posted on Oct 23, 2014 at 1:04 AM


What are the effects of 5HTP on dreams:

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