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The Biggest Whining on my Blog (humor)

I was bummed out cos last week I couldn't visit my friend due to bills. :"(

So if I only partially pay my bills with the next paycheck I'll go Friday...

Christmas makes it worse cos the malls are full of people spending more than what I earn each pay period.

Fuck rich people.
Fuck Burnaby.
You snobby people don't deserve any politeness from me.

Sorry, I love my job but when the average Burnaby person speaks English as second language or is monolingual, makes it hard to say hello, how ya doing?

I should just say "dong ma hei low." Not likely, since that is rude.

OK, I'm done with whining.

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1 comment:

Stephen Kawamoto said...

I don't mean anything at all in this post.

I'm kidding, honestly.