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Anarchy: Harmony without Rule (satire)

We are all political creatures, but often are in denial about it, because of the bad taste politicians leave in our mouths due to the fact that they are privileged elites that some of us elect to do something we would never dare to do.

Yet they are successful sociopaths. What that means is they hide the truth behind flowery prose and compliments that make us glad we voted for him.

However, we still love the politician when he has stolen our tax dollars to build his fortune due to the same reason why cult leaders can cause his followers to foment a revolution or failing that, stockpile weapons.

This is why on the local level, a small collective of individuals develop a leaderless way of doing things that works.  Everyone in that collective would decide how to sustain their group. 

Yet the number one rule shall always be harmony without rule.  No one is the boss, but everyone governs his or her own actions.

If this sounds foreign to the gentle reader, then the best example of anarchy is childs' play. The minute any child in a group of children tries to be the leader, the other children rebel and call him "bossy." At which point, the quick-witted kid will abandon his post and apologize. 

Then the children will be friends again, and the playing continues.

Hence, children are nascent politicians, but lack the sociopathic qualities of a real politician due to their youth.  If only adults could be so innocent, then the world will be less a democracy forced on each of us and more of an anarchy where everyone works in harmony with everyone else, without a ruler.

IMO democracy cannot be forced on another person. Rather the individual relinquishes some of her independence in exchange for the freedoms that democracy provides. 

Anarchism is not chaos.  It is a committee of self governing people who are their own bosses.

Probably my depiction of anarchism is partially naïve but that is because the New Left have rejected mutualism in favor of a political movement that considers Proudhonian anarchism to be obsolete and mutualism to not be their cup of tea.

Harmony without rule implies that you are able to govern yourself so that you get along with everyone else, regardless of political background.

Yet, too easily, the anarchists fall back to the same them versus us mentality found in a democracy.  That is because we are human following the same herd mentality of mammals.

Even so, mutualism is workable but in small groups of people. Sometimes it works even in families.

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