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The Myth of Mind Control

Brainwashing was invented during the Cold War era to explain why US soldiers captured during the Korean War were so willing to denounce the US.

However, brainwashing and mind control are actually inventions of mass media to perpetuate hysteria amongst the masses, and do not exist in the real world.

In most cases of brainwashing, the person subject to "brainwashing" consciously make the decision to align themselves with the ideology of their captors or handler.

Likewise, mind control as described in the media is a myth.

The only valid form of mind control is practiced willingly by people who practice meditation both within Buddhism and various psychotherapies (cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectic behavioral therapy).

Thus brainwashing and mind control are artifacts of mass media used by political forces to frighten the masses.

As well, conspiracy theorists who focus on brainwashing and mind control are themselves "victims" of political elites who have influenced mass media.

How else is the State to control the people except through fear and awe?

Originally posted September 18, 2011 13:24PM


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