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Another PhishingExpedition Exposed (satire)

This afternoon I found an email from Arya to Daman in my email box on my yahoo account.

So I looked at the full header and figured out that "Arya" is from Turkey and that this is probably a phishing expedition.

It consists of a URL link using the short form.  I never went to the website since it being there is still evidence of a phishing scam.

Here is proof: the IP address above resolves to using host on the address:

$ host domain name pointer

Using whois on, we get:

And there you have it: a Turkish phishing expedition exposed.

I am marking this email as spam and let GMail security deal with it.

My guess is, Turkish mafiyah küçük balıkçı is told by a mafiyah
büyük balıkçı "use your Samsung phone to reel in some fish."

Sadly, too many people click on the line. What fools these mundanes be.

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