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Autum Stains Below / Aki Shimi-ge / 秋シミげ (poem)

Autumn stains below,
a polite way of saying,
"forgot to wipe the ass"


Aki shimi-ge
tan'ni imi suru
kitenai kōtan


Stephen Kawamoto said...

Source of the word akishimige:

Akishimige is a Hurrian name meaning "the Sun God has given".

Hurrians might be the ancestors of Kurds, unless Kurds were originally nomadic and settled northern Iraq and eastern Syria.

Stephen Kawamoto said...

I picked this term - Akishimige - because I figured tranlating it to japanese would uncover a different translation.

Also the Hurrian Sun God demonstrates that ancient people worshipped the sun because they knew it was the main reason for their crops' success i.e. the sun powers the water cycle of rain.