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I am a Linux Advocate (satire)

I am online using a pendrive running Linux Mint 17.

Supposedly I am an über hackers, but don't feel I am that special. If I was, then I would bullying everyone on G+ because they don't get Linux and I do.

My hacking started circa 1993 until today and I hope to be hacking when I am old and grey. Maybe I hacked from the time I started modemming in 1984.

Whatever. I do not feel special, but few people understand me. I can count on one hand how many other people know what I am talking about.

Sadly, the athletes and the popular girls in school have no clue whatsoever. And their self esteem is so low that they have to ignore or bully me.

I love Linux. I live, breathe and would die for it. However, that is a stark contrast to my job description: security guard.

Except I am a computer security advocate. Computers running Windows are more likely to get infected by malware than a Linux system.

However, a hacker would have to get root on my router before he even gets inside my LAN.

Anyway, now that I have outed myself, I can bear the silence that will proceed from this point forward due to misperceptions of hackers.

Hackers are not the reason why your Windows computer got "hacked" - that was an automated script. The guy who programmed it is probably sitting in a car trying to hack into your router to get free Internet.

I do not identify with him. He has probably tried to hack his way into my LAN and failed.

If I could, I would be running snort to ensure the security of my network but I am not on my Linux at the moment. I have enjoyed Mint on my netbook.

Now it is time to test drive it on my PC. It was child's play to turn my flash drive into a Mintdisk.

Later on today I cam going to teach my Panjabi friends at the gas station about chromecast and how to use it.

I feel good.

Have fun, Windows users. I have gone light years ahead of you. So, phear me! :P

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