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The Middle Eastern Situation is Both a Religious War and a Political One (satire)

Here in Canada I am still awaiting a terrorist plot in Rio de Janeiro , but it is not going happen since Brazil stayed out of the American game plan to mold the Middle East and Central Asia into democracies.

It is leading to blow-back incidents in the West, most recently in Paris, which adds to the two incidents in Ottawa, and a handful of bombings in London, and the purported bombing during the Boston Marathon a few years ago.

Without the historical precedence of the free-market capitalist system being forced on people there, we forget that the West meddled with the Holy Land from 1099 to 1194 CE, only see the Crusades evolve into petty fiefdoms where mercenaries were led by ruffians pretending to be royalty, who robbed caravans for booty.

How Christian of them!

IMO Saladin was too merciful in 1187 - he should have asked for more booty in exchange for letting the Christians flee Jerusalem. Better yet, he should have been less merciful.

Most likely, the now defunct Templar Knights were merely pawns of the intrigue arising from the Orthodox king and possibly a lot of espionage by clergy sent to the Holy Land from Rome.

IMHO we need the devotion that the Templar Knights showed, rather than the financial dealings that they made which might have led to their demise. Intrigue led to the Templar Knights being wiped out, possibly due to their power that came with the land holdings and their financial dealings.

Out of all of Catholic militarism during this period, only the Templars do I respect. No army today comes close to their devotion to God, due to the slide into secularism that has become popular today.

IMO the socialists wish to erase from history any mention that religion played a large part in the enmity between Christendom and Islam, which is evidenced by the fact that ignorance is bandied about by both sides with the usual propaganda in which the truth is stretched into unbelievable scenarios.

As for the Middle East today, and also Iraq and Afghanistan, the new "Crusaders" began their campaign of revenge upon Islam in 2003, rather than following a more enlightened path.

See what happens when Christendom wants to usher in the New Millenium with a bang? Will this situation in the Islamic State lead to more random terrorist attacks in the West? We shall have to wait and see.

In this 21st-Century Crusade, the West has become more fascist and Islamophobia has replaced anti-Semitism as a result of daily propaganda from the American mainstream media.

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