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'Casting Content (poem)

'Casting on the net is fun,
Wherever you are,
When you are doing it right.
For who can complain,
When consuming media?

Once, it used to be text, see?
With a modem,
I dial up a BBS —
Today, it is texting —
SMS and MMS.

Yet with two Android smartphones
You broadcast on TV —
Your forty-inch TV —
Pictures, music, and
Even videos — great, eh?

Even so, 'casting is new,
So new that it's like 1969
And Star Trek is in color —
'Casting is like that —
Lost in Space in monochrome.

That is modemming —
Lost in cyberspace back then
When it was all new
And shiny like the first kid
With color TV — great, eh?

One day, broadcasting content
Will be old — what then?
What will be the new toy, eh?
3D using your smarphone
With a thirty dollar toy?

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